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A big thank you to all of the classmates that worked so hard on this reunion...Debbie you were so awesome ....and I had a fabulous time I wish I would have been able to go on Saturday night, I had a previous engagement, but I bet it was a blast.  

Take care...

Ruth (Hughes) Campise


Hopefully they will post pictures from the Pump House and Saturday night so we all can see everyone.



Ruth Hughes
11 more days!

The time is near!  We have 10 more days until we can relax at the Pump House and 11 more days until the BIG EVENT!!

We will have a packed house it seems as people have continued to call and send in their forms and money!  After all, who would want to miss out on the fun!!

Just a quick the BIG EVENT Saturday night, if you plan on bringing in your own hard liquor, you must have the bottle labeled with your name and it must go behind the bar with the TABC certified bartenders.  NO Exceptions to this rule!

Everyone will receive 2 drink tickets at the door for each paying attendee.  There will be beer, wine, and setups.  After you have used your drink tickets you will be able to purchase setups for $1, beer for $2, and wine for $3.

The Reunion Committee has worked hard to make this a fun and memorable event for all!  See you soon!  


Questions?  Go to ContactUs and send them in.

Debbie Shirley
Happy 4th of July weekend - Deadline is here!

Greetings fellow classmates!  Just a quick note to remind you that today is the deadline for getting signed up for the reunion and mailing in your money!  Most of you have done this or I have spoken with you and know your status!

It is not too late though!  If you have not filled out those forms yet and want to come, do it now.  Please message back on this website or under ContactUs so we know you are filling our your form right now and sending it in with your check! :)

We have had a great response and look forward to seeing all of you on July 26-27!

VHS Class of '74!

Debbie Shirley
Final Clue - Surprise Event

Tomorrow will be the end of our time for guessing the Surprise Event!  You have 13 classmates who have guessed correctly and have been entered into a drawing for a prize!  Get those guesses in!

Let's put the clues all in:

1. They were once 7

2. Pop a top on a hot summer night with sawdust floors and windows propped open

3. Most of us loved going to this on a Saturday night....especially the girls

4. Some of our classmates participated in this event

5. Drift back in time.......

LAST CLUE.  Long hair was in, guitars were played, tight jeans were worn, groupies followed them, and some of our classmates were able to vocalize their skills!  

Debbie Shirley
Lots of responses! Please read this!

We are getting a lot of responses here close to the deadline!  That is awesome!  But, a lot of you indicated you planned to attend and have not turned in your forms and money.  We want to see you all so take the time today to fill out your invitation form and send it back in along with your payment!  Also please remind anyone you know who are not on social media or this website!

This is going to be fun!  See you soon!



Debbie Shirley
Reunion deadline approaching!

Hello everyone!  Just a quick reminder that if you have not sent in your form and money for the reunion, please do so now.  The deadline is July 5!

Registering on this website does not automatically mean you are coming to the reunion.  YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR FORM AND MONEY!

We have a lot of fun planned for everyone so we hope to see you on the weekend of July 26-27.  

If you have any questions about anything, you may go to ContactUs and send in your question.

Go Stings!  Class of '74!



Debbie Shirley
Clue #5 - Surprise event

Drift back in time....

Debbie Shirley

Have you mailed your invitation form back in for the reunion?  Don't forget!  The deadline is July 5 and that is just a short 3 weeks away!


We want to see all of you there!  This is going to be a fun time for sure!  If you need any information, lost your form, or just want to find out more, please let us know.  You can go to the ContactUs tab and send in your comments there.  Or you can chat away on this message board or post some photos to the PhotoAlbum for us to reminisce over!

Debbie Shirley
Clue #4 - Surprise Event


Some of our classmates participated in this event!



Don't overthink this!  Review all the clues and make a guess!  We have 6 people who have correctly identified the surprise event so far and will be entered into a prize drawing!  There is no limit to the number of times you can guess.  Have some fun!

Debbie Shirley
Clue #3 - Surprise event

Most of us loved going to this on a Saturday night....especially the girls! 

Debbie Shirley
Surprise event

Two of our classmates have correctly answered what the secret event is going to be!  They have been entered into the hat for the gift drawing. Clue 3  is coming out tomorrow!

Debbie Shirley
Congratulations to Wayne Gathright

One of our very talented classmates, Wayne Gathright, was just named the 2019 Songwriter of the Year, Austin Songwriters Group!


What a GREAT accomplishment Wayne!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Debbie Shirley
Clue #2- Surprise event

Pop a top on a hot summer night with sawdust floors and windows propped open!

Debbie Shirley
Clue #1 - Surprise event

They were once 7!


Remember if you think you know what is happening, go to Contact Us!

Debbie Shirley
Clues for Saturday, July 27, surprise event

We are going to be putting clues out on the website about a special event we are having on Saturday, July 27, at the reunion.  If you think you know what that event is, you can go to the "ContactUs" page and send an email.  We will enter your name into a drawing for a gift if you correctly identify the surprise!  


Debbie Shirley

Hello Teresa Thiele Pool!  We are so glad to have found you and look forward to seeing you at your first ever Class of 74 reunion!

Debbie Shirley
Welcome Sylvia Pena Ortega

Sylvia Ortega (Pena) has never been to a reunion because we have not ever been able to find her.....until today!  Welcome and we hope to see you at the reunion.

Debbie Shirley
Found her-missing classmate located!

We found her!   Jan Williams has never been to a class reunion!  We could not find her until today.  Welcome Jan Williams Wasicek!  

Debbie Shirley
Thank you!

Thanks for all your time and effort, Debbie! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Lanny Wagner
Found another missing classmate!

Welcome to Sue Stary (Miller)!  We had not previously been able to locate Sue Miller until today.  So glad we found you!  Hope to see you in July!

Debbie Shirley
Excited to attend

I am so excited about seeig everyone this summer.  I have not been able to attend any of the other reunions. 

Debbie Krause

Hi everyone. Glad I saw a post on my Facebook and signed up. It’s going to be great seeing some familiar faces. 

Mary Monroe
Found a missing classmate!

Welcome Mary Pereira (Monroe)!  We have never had any contact information for her and she found us!  Woo-hoo!  Everyone take a look at the missing classmate page and if you know where any of these people are, please get them in contact with us!

Debbie Shirley

Thank you Debbie for all the effort you put into this website!  It is wonderful!

Julia Uthoff

i just wanted to say hi to everyone. This is a fantastic page that Debbie set up for us. I think this may be our best reunion ever. be encouraged to add pictures. It’s really neat to look at them.

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